Concert Orchestra


Concert Orchestra is our entry level orchestra at Lathrop. In this class, you will master the fundamentals of band (i.e. basic techniques, major scales, tuning) as well as continuing to practice group rehearsal techniques. We will play a variety of music from classical to pop, as we work towards mastery of our instruments. ALL LEVELS are welcome in Concert orchestra.


Chamber Orchestra


Chamber Orchestra is the advanced orchestra at Lathrop, by audition or director permission only. Students are expected to be playing in multiple positions and with matched bowings in their section. In Chamber Orchestra we play advanced level orchestra literature from classical music to popular tunes. We will work on mastery of advanced string techniques and extended range to facilitate the advanced literature we play. Please contact Mr. Hovest for audition materials and to schedule an audition time.


Symphonic Orchestra


Lathrop is starting to work on "full orchestra" or "symphonic orchestra" music, meaning that there are strings and also winds, brass, and percussion. To achieve this goal we sometimes combine with the band completely, and sometimes we pull advanced students to learn extra parts, creating a true Symphonic Orchestra. Participation in this type of group requires advanced techniques. 

Mr. Hovest 


Mr. Hovest is in his fourth year of teaching at Lathrop, but his first year with Orchestra. He received a Bachelors in Music Education from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has performed for over 20 years and is excited to share his knowledge of music with young minds. Mr. Hovest studied Trumpet in College, but has started playing the Bass and Cello to develop his professional skills in strings.

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