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Concert Band


  ALL LEVELS are welcome in Concert band. Concert Band is our entry level band at Lathrop. In this class, you will master the fundamentals of band (i.e. basic techniques, major scales, tuning) as well as continuing to practice group rehearsal techniques. We will play a variety of music from classical to pop, as we work towards mastery of our instruments.


Symphonic Band


Symphonic Band is our advanced classical band at Lathrop, which students can join by audition or director permission only. In Symphonic band we will be introduced to advanced playing techniques and music theory, as well as playing advanced literature for band. Students might also be asked to play with the orchestra on occasion, creating a “full orchestra”. This class is fast paced and intended for students who love making music. Please contact Mr. Hovest for the audition material and to set up an audition time.


Jazz Band


Jazz Band is our premier band at Lathrop High School, with a focus on “big band” music. We play many genres in this band, including: Swing, Latin, Funk, and Pop. In this class, exceptional focus is expected, as well as advanced techniques on your instrument, sometimes including playing a second instrument, or “doubling”.  Jazz band meets before school from 6:35-7:35am, and is by audition or director permission. Please contact Mr. Hovest for audition requirements for Jazz Band.

Mr. Hovest 


Mr. Hovest is in his ninth year of teaching at Lathrop. He received a Bachelors in Music Education from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has performed for over 20 years and is excited to share his knowledge of music with young minds. Mr. Hovest's main instruments are Trumpet and Percussion, but he likes to play almost any instrument if given the chance. 

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